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P.O. Box 6942, Fort Worth, TX 76115
3333 May St. Fort Worth, TX 76110 
 TX DOT 00694764C     US DOT 1943121
972- 263-2521

PO BOX 6942 FT. WORTH TX 76115
3333 May St. Fort Worth TX 76110
Phone: (817) 926-8614 (972) 263-2521 Fax (817) 921-5992
TX DOT # 00694764C            US DOT # 1943121
Issues and Policies for Receiving Goods
To whom may it concern,

The reason for this letter is because we are having some issues with some of the Manufacturers / Shippers / Designers / Clients; at the instant that we are receiving a shipment, some of the manufacture damages, transit damages, or any other damages then become our fault. So in prevention of that we are changing our procedures of receiving goods.

In some cases Drivers won’t let us open and inspect the furniture, boxes, skids, wood crates, etc…; we H&E Movers Inc. have to sign their paper- Bill Of Landing-(BOL) or their mobile device. Usually by signing off their phones there is no way for us to have any information on the shipment, or to write any notes in the case that the items come damaged; once more then they become our fault.

By signing off the BOL we will initialize then it becomes our responsibility, unless we refuse the shipment, we can also initialize S.T.I.(Subject to Inspection) on the B.O.L. with our notes of damages. H&E Movers Inc. receives the furniture as they come, once we start inspecting them if they have visible damages, we will take photos of the damages and inform the customer of the damages, the condition of furniture. If we do not get an answer, we will refuse the shipment; if we keep it, H&E Movers Inc. has no responsibility for damages inside the box or to make any claims to manufacturers, that is responsibility of the designer / Client.

H&E Movers Inc. will not be held responsible if in any cases that there are visible and notables damages to the packaging, or even others no visible depending on the position of furniture with the sunlight at checking or inspecting the furniture, we also are no responsible for wrinkle fabric, vinyl, leather and other material damaged for tighten plastic or material at packing. Many times boxes are intact with no damage outside but item came on damaged at packing process or travel time.       We also will not be responsible for finding out who are the items belong to, because the items won’t have any information and in some cases manufacturers are hard to deal with.  If you have any questions whatsoever fell free to give us a call or send us an Email.  
H&E Movers Inc.
817-926-8614   -   972- 263-2521