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P.O. Box 6942, Fort Worth, TX 76115
3333 May St. Fort Worth, TX 76110 
 TX DOT 00694764C     US DOT 1943121
972- 263-2521

To whom it may concern
We have been receiving some letters from advertising, propaganda and credit card companies in the attention of Danny Owens as the Manager, Director and/or Owner of H&E Movers of Fort Worth TX 76115.

This letter is to inform you that Danny Owens is NOT in our company or business, has never work for H&E Movers, also he has never been owner of H&E Movers. H&E Movers had never work with, heard of, or known this person before.

We do not want that this person Danny Owens (swindler) keep on using our company name (H&E Movers) as his business, so that maybe he can swindle, trick any other comapanies, or people by using our name.

For more information feel free to call us at 817-926-8614

                    H & E Movers
To whom it may concern
We have discover one page on the internet of H&E Movers with a phone number similar to ours, the only difference is just one digit (817- 926-4614) with the address of 3301 W. Bolt St. Fort Worth TX 76110.

This address belongs to another moving company called Central United Transportation Movers, with the owner or manager Danny Owens.

When you dial this phone number (817) 926-4614 it has a message saying that the number has change to (214) 631-0210 because they moved to Irving TX. Also on other adds hehas the address of 4813 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76115.

Please be aware of this situation, we are still the same people, there has not been any changes is our personnel neither in our phone numbers.

Best Regards
                       H & E Movers INC